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MDZ first rapper ever to perform at Juke Fest!

Chicago, IL July 27

MDZ doin what he he does the first live performer and rapper to perform at a Juke Fest, besides the DJ's of course. He crushed the stage at the 6th annual Juke Fest 2012 for a packed house of a few thousand or better, Along with Bang The Box and Power92 Dj, Dj Nehpets, who produced a jukemix of MDZ's hit single "My Type"! My Type is currently getting radio play accross the country and overseas. he event had many other Juke Djs from accross the country and overseas all under one roof. It was a smash! Special thanks to Bang The Box CEO Patricia Sandifer for the hospitality and for hosting a GREAT event!

MDZ Fleet Djs Conference 2012 Atlanta Tour Gorilla Walk

MDZ perofrmed live at the Fleet Dj Conference 2012!

Atlanta, GA July 25-26


The Fleet DJs are hosting their 1st Annual Fleet DJ Conference this week in Atlanta, promising a week filled with music, networking, fun and knowledge. Music industry insiders and hip hop legends joined the Fleet DJs at the DoubleTree Hotel in College Park for their Industry Panel.

Touching on subjects like marketing, promotion and production, the industry panel shared a lot of insight that will help attendees become better at their craft.

Among the notable panelists were record breaking legend Bigga Rankin, Grandmaster Melly Mel and producers Nitty Beatz, DJ Nabs and Duane DaRock. Other panelists were communications and PR specialists Shaleea Johnson, Reennee “TT” Williams, and Kay Harris. DJ O.S. from WCCG 104.5 FM moderated the Industry Panel.

MDZ blog Danksta Lo itsaLotrack teamMDZ new music  beats Bowa Music 2012 Denver 

 written by Richrd "Danksta Lo" McCrea 8-14-12


Hello, Im Danksta Lo, I am the head engineer and head producer for indie
production company Bowa Music. I produce mainly for MDZ, which is Bowa Music's
main artist. I also produce for KDC and which is our newest young artist on his
first solo release and Yung Teez working on his second release. Basically... I
got BEATS! of all kinds for sale and lease. If your looking for somthing
original, looking to set a trend versus follow one get at me! you can currently
find tracks i have produced for MDZ and others artist on
and on and on or new MDZ page , songs like
"Gorilla Walk" "Big O" Left to Right" "I Can Be" and more! My first complete
"Beat-tape" is set to be released by the end of the month but you can hear
samples of what i do on there is even a FREE download for artist, dj's or out right music lovers to listen to or use. You can contact me directly at for any info or questions. This is just a introduction, my upcoming blogs and post will keep you updated on me and my crew as well as promote what were doing currently and just give you somthing interesting to so enjoy the music and have a great, productive day!




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